St. Paul's Church Mill Hill - The Church that William Wilberforce built

Jubilee Window Appeal - A Fitting Memorial to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year

Many events, plaques and paintings have been opened and unveiled in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year. In Mill Hill, St Paul's Church, built by the slave trade reformer William Wilberforce, is undertaking its own a project to mark this special celebratory year. Two new stained glass windows have been commissioned by glass artist John Reyntiens who is best known for his design of the Queen's new Diamond Jubilee Window in Westminster Hall. The cost of the project is 39,000 and already over 31,000 has been raised. The sections below explain how you can still donate to the project.

How to Donate
We will be including within one of the windows (Celebration window) the names of everyone (past and present) who wish to be included. We suggest a minimum donation of 50 per name and 200 minimum for a family name. If you have not already done so, please express interest by signing the list after the morning services or for more information, please contact The Parish Office on 020 8906 3793 or e-mail: parishoffice.

Jubilee Window - Celebration
This window is to celebrate both the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the biblical Jubilee which was the culmination of the sabbatical years: a time of thanksgiving and an occasion for the exercise of faith that God would provide food and growth.(Lev. 25:8) The Water of Life, represented by the central blue lines, cascades from Heaven and feeds the growth of the Church's community and its continuing work. The donors will be represented in the grey parallel lines on either side of the water from Heaven - their names will be inscribed individually as a tribute to the community's involvement in raising funds or the Church.
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Jubilee Window - Proclaiming Liberty
In memory of William Wilberforce, St Paul's Church Mill Hill, this window features chains, linked and broken, symbolising slavery and freedom respectively.The red elements signify the pain and suffering endured while the golden colours, coming from Heaven, represent the Glory of God and Wilberforce's inspiration in his humanitarian mission. The window celebrates the unique contribution of the founder of St Paul's Church, Mill Hill whilst recognising both the present community and the context for Wilberforce's leadership of the anti-slavery movement.
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